Latino's in Lakeland, FL

FIP Heavyweight Title Match
Homicide retained by making Spanky submit in a classic

James Gibson, formerly known as Jamie Knoble in WWE, defeated CM Punk with a roll up in the first ever match between the two

Roderick Strong defeated Jerrelle Clark in a high impact match

Jimmy Rave defeated Steve Madison with help from Vegas in another quality match. After the match, Rinauro tried to tell the referee that Vegas interfered. Rave & Vegas jumped Rinauro until Jerrelle Clark made the save

Scoot Andrews & LaDuke Jakes defeated The Heartbreak Express, who never entered the Florida Rumble. The Heartbreak Express said that they would take on the first two eliminated resulting in this tag match

Fast Eddie Vegas of DP Associates defeated Sal Rinauro when DP Associate cohort Jimmy Rave interfered. This was Sal's breakout match despite suffering the loss

Vordell Walker defeated Azrieal

Mike Shane defeated Kahagas

Antonio Banks defeated Erick Stevens

First Annual Florida Rumble
Spanky won the first ever Florida Rumble.

The order of entry in this match was as follows: 1) James Gibson; 2) Azriael; 3) Scoot Andrews; 4) Vordell Walker; 5) Erick Stevens; 6) LaDuke Jakes; 7) Phil Davis; 8) Sean Davis; 9) Mike Shane; 10) Antonio Banks; 11) Jimmy Rave; 12) Kahagas; 13) Fast Eddie; 14) Sal Rinauro; 15) Steve Madison; 16) Jerrelle Clark; 17) Spanky; 18) Roderick Strong; 19) CM Punk 

The order of elimination (and person eliminated by) was as follows: 1 and 2) The Heartbreak Express (never entered the match); 3) Scoot Andrews (Mike Shane); 4) LaDuke Jakes (Mike Shane); 5) Azriael (Mike Shane); 6) Vordell Walker (Mike Shane); 7) Erick Stevens (Antonio Banks); 8) Antonio Banks (Jimmy Rave and Mike Shane); 9) Mike Shane (Jimmy Rave); 10) Kahagas (Fast Eddie); 11) Sal Rinauro (Fast Eddie); 12) Fast Eddie (Jerrelle Clark); 13) Steve Madison (Spanky); 14) Jimmy Rave (Roderick Strong); 15) CM Punk (James Gibson); 16) James Gibson (Spanky); 17) Roderick Strong (Jerrelle Clark); 18) Jerrelle Clark (Spanky).

11.13.04 - FALLOUT: PART 2
The Party Zone in Tampa, FL

FIP Heavyweight Title Falls Count Anywhere Match
Homicide defeated CM Punk in a wild Falls Count Anywhere match to retain the FIP Heavyweight Title. Homicide and Punk brawled on top of a Ryder truck, down the street and into a strip club. Homicide and Punk actually brawled around the strip clubs while the girls were dancing. Homicide finally scored the pin when the action spilled into the parking lot and he hit Punk with a piledriver on the concrete. This was one of the wildest brawls you'll ever witness!!!

Jimmy Rave & Fast Eddie with Dave Prazak defeated Jerrelle Clark & Insane Dragon when Dragon turned on Clark and joined Prazak's DP Associates. Dragon was upset that Clark had accidentally hit him.

Four Way Fray
Rainman won the Four Way Fray over Dan Maff, Azrieal and Sal Rinauro. Order of elimination was Rinauro by Maff, Azreial by Maff and finally Rainman over Maff

Roderick Strong defeated BJ Whitmer

Double Duece defeated Mike Shane & Rod Steel with Ron Niemi

Antonio Banks defeated Jared Steel

Kahagas defeated Erick Stevens

Mikey Batts defeated Don Juan


11.12.04 - FALLOUT: PART 1
The Party Zone in Tampa, FL

FIP Heavyweight Title Match
Homicide retained the FIP Heavyweight Title by defeating BJ Whitmer. Homicide said he would put the title on the line tonight in his scheduled Falls Count Anywhere match vs. CM Punk.

No DQ, No Countout Match
CM Punk defeated Dan Maff

Don Juan with Angel Williams defeated Jared Steel

Jerrelle Clark defeated Insane Dragon. Prazak came out and offered both of them spots in DP Associates, but they both turned him down. Prazak then said that no one rejects him. Rave & Vegas then attacked Clark and Dragon.

Jimmy Rave and Fast Eddie Vegas fought to a double countout. Dave Prazak then came out and offered them both contracts to join his new stable, DP Associates. At first they both refused, but then after seeing the big money offer they both accepted.

Azrieal defeated Rainman
CM Punk introduced Azrieal as the newest member of The New Dawn. Azrieal went on to defeat Rainman after interference by Punk.

BJ Whitmer defeated Antonio Banks
BJ Whitmer was introduced for an interview segment. After running down Florida and demonstrating his wrist clutch exploder on Florida wrestler Jaison Moore, Antonio Banks came out leading to an impromtu match

Roderick Strong defeated Mikey Batts

Vordell Walker defeated Sal Rinauro

9.25.04 - EMERGENCE: PART 2
The USF Sun Dome Corral in Tampa, FL

FIP Heavyweight Title Tournament Finals
Homicide defeated CM Punk with the lariat in a wild brawl to become the new FIP champion. Masters jumped Homicide on the way to the ring, which started an intense fight that went all over the building including outside on a grass field and into the men's room. Homicide stated that he will defend the FIP belt against the best and has an open contract to defend it against all comers from anywhere in the wrestling world.

FIP Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi-Final Matches
CM Punk used more cheap tactics to score a win over Rainman. Before the bout, Punk stated that Masters was on his way to the hospital from injuries he sustained in the Homicide match. After the bout, Punk challenged Homicide to come out now for the finals of the tournament. However it was just a setup as Homicide charged the ring, but was quickly jumped by Masters. The New Dawn started putting the boots to Homicide until Rainman recovered from a low blow to make the save.

Homicide defeated Austin Aries in a grueling match with the lariat. Aries suffered a broken nose in the Clark match and was bleeding heavily in this bout.

FIP Heavyweight Title Tournament Second Round Matches
CM Punk scored a cheap victory over Justin Credible

Austin Aries defeated Jerrelle Clark in a good back and forth bout with his controversial fish hook stretch. Aries had the finger he uses in the fish hook taped. When Aries was questioned about this, he stated that he had a hangnail, which is why he had it taped. It is questionable whether this is legal.

Rainman def. Kahagas in a competitive match. Both men showed respect to each other after the bout.

Homicide def. Joshua Masters
Homicide gained a measure of revenge for the previous night's show ending attack and defeated Joshua Masters of CM Punk's "New Dawn" in quick fashion with a lariat. Punk jumped Homicide after the match, but Homicide quickly fought him off.

Non-Tournament Matches

Roderick Strong won the first ever Four Way Fray over Jason Cross, Vordell Walker and Slim J. This was an elimination match with all four men fighting at once. Cross eliminated Slim and Walker, before falling to Strong in an action packed match.

Aaron Epic made an open challnge which was answered by LaDuke Jakes. Jakes def. Epic in a short bout.

Ryze destroyed Aaron Epic

Lex Lovett & Sedrick Strong defeated The Heartbreak Express by countout when The Heartbreak Express simply walked out after taking a beating.



9.24.04 - EMERGENCE: PART 1
The USF Sun Dome Corral in Tampa, FL

Heavyweight Title Tournament First Round Matches

Homicide defeated AJ Styles by DQ.
Referee Todd Sinclair was accidentally knocked down. CM Punk and Joshua Masters then attacked Styles and Homicide with a chair. Styles recovered and grabbed the chair out of Punk's hand. Punk and Masters fled from the ring. Sinclair recovered and saw Homicide down and the chair in AJ's hands and called for the DQ thinking that AJ used the chair on Homicide. Punk and Masters laughed on the floor, but Homicide hit them with a tope con hilo. Punk escaped and deserted Masters, who then fell victim to the Styles Clash. AJ then said he would be rooting for Homicide to win the belt tomorrow night.

Justin Credible defeated Ralph Mosca

Austin Aries made Roderick Strong submit in a great match. Aries used a controversial submission that featured a fish hook with a finger wrapped in tape.

Rainman defeated Jason Cross

CM Punk defeated Vordell Walker in a competitive match after interference from Joshua Masters. Punk said that he would lead "The New Dawn" in FIP and took Masters in as the first member. Punk said "The New Dawn" would be a haven for the outcasts and freaks of society. Punk even went so far as to change his entrance music to "South Of Heaven" by Slayer and we are seeing a totally different Punk in FIP.

Jerrelle Clark defeated Slim J

Joshua Masters scored a cheap win over Lex Lovett

Kahagas defeated Scoot Andrews

Non-Tournament Matches

Antonio Banks & Brian Gamble beat Scott Hotshot and Aaron Epic

The Heartbreak Express came out for an interview and proclaimed they were going to dominate the FIP tag team scene. The insulted USF and said that USF was for losers just like graduate Lex Lovett. Lovett attacked The Heartbreak Express, but was outnumbered until Sedrick Strong made the save. Strong and Lovett then challenged The Heartbreak Express to a tag team match on Saturday.

7.24.04 - STARS, STRIPES and SLAMS 2004
Turner Center in Arcadia, FL

"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes def. Gangrel w/ Luna

"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels def. Jerry Lynn

Tag Team Title Tournament Finals
Phi Delta Slam def. The Heartbreakers to become the new Florida All Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions

"The Lone Star" Dustin Rhodes and Barry Windham def. The Cuban Assassin and "The Korean Giant" Ryze

The Lone Star" Dustin Rhodes def.
The Cuban Assassin by DQ when Ryze interfered on Cuban's behalf

Scoot Andrews def. Chris Candido

Lovett's Retierment Match
Joshua Masters w/ Fetish def. Lex Lovett

Tag Team Title Tournament Elimination Match
Phi Delta Slam def. The Hoard w/ Luna, Brian Gamble & Antonio Banks and "Roughhouse" Ralph Mosca & Thunderbolt Norton

Tag Team Title Tournament Elimination Match
The Heartbreakers def. Aaron Epic & Jaison Moore,  Scott Hotshot & Vordell Walker and Sedrick Strong & Mikey Tenderfoot

Kahagas def. "Mad Dog" Hack Myers

Turner Center in Arcadia, FL

Texas Bull Rope Match
"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes def. "Roughhouse" Ralph Mosca w/ Ricky O and Thunderbolt Norton
After the match Mosca, Ricky and Thunderbolt attacked Dusty in the ring. Wrestling legends Mike Graham and Tyree Pride made the save for Dusty to clear the ring.

LXW Heavyweight Title Match

"1000% Guapo" Shocker def. Ultimo Guerrero

Mexico's Most Wanted (Damian 666 & Halloween) def.
The Aerial Xpress (Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver)
After the match Sean Davis confronted MMW about injuring Phil Davis the night before and ended up hitting Motenzuma's Revenge on Davis' manager Vic Slowhand.
After that Sean Davis challenged MMW for July 24th.

"The Human Horror Film" Supreme def. "Hardcore Homo" Angel

JCW Lightweight Title Match
Kahagas def. Ryan Wing w/ Ricky O and Thunderbolt Norton
JCW Owner Ricky O proclaimed this a JCW Title Match so the JCW wouldn't leave Florida without their belt.

Lightning Tag Match

Phoenix Star def. Aaron Epic, Dave Greco, Jaison Moore, Zokre and "Showtime" Shawn Sheridan w/ The JCW Angel

New Jack def. "Outlaw" Jeff Bradley

FIP 6 Man Tag Match
Phi Delta Slam (Bruno Sassi & Big Tilly) & Kubiak def.
The Hoard & Thunderbolt Norton

Brian "The Blade" Gamble def. Nocturne

Triple Threat Trios Match

Sean Davis, Dale Williams & Scott Davis def. American Wild Child, La Momia De Guanajuato & Spider and Los Gallienros

Joshua Masters w/ Fetish def. Scott Hotshot w/ Ipuna

Pinellas Expo Center in Pinellas Park

Fatal Four Way Death Match
"The Original Gangsta" New Jack def. "Human Horror Film" Supreme, "Roughhouse" Ralph Mosca and "Outlaw" Jeff Bradley

Mexico's Most Wanted (Damian 666 & Halloween) def.
The Heartbreak Express (Sean & Phil Davis)

"Roughhouse" Ralph Mosca def. "Hardcore Homo" Angel

The Aerial Xpress (Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver) def. Aaron Epic & Jaison Moore

JCW Lightweight Title Match

Kahagas def. "Showtime" Shawn Sheridan w/ The JCW Angel

Trios Match

"Superstar" Dave Greco, Ryan Wing & Scott Hotshot w/ Ipuna def. Zokre, Phoenix Star & Spider

Nocturne def. Dagon Briggs w/ Se7en

The Hoard def. La Momia De Guanajuato & Hombre De Lobo

Scott Davis def. Joshua Masters w/ Fetish

Thunderbolt Norton def. Dale Williams and Kid Lethal

American Wild Child def. Gallienro III

at Bronco Bill's in New Port Richey

"Roughhouse" Ralph Mosca def. Ryze w/ Joshua Masters
After the match Joshua Masters, Ryze and Snow attacked Mosca 3 on 1 until Kubiak and Jaison Moore made the save.

The Heartbreak Express and The Hoard wrestled to a double countout

Joshua Masters w/ Fetish def. "Untouchable" Leon Scott

Kubiak def. Snow

Jaison Moore def. Kid Lethal

Scott Davis def. Eddie

Dale Williams def. Jose

Aaron Epic def. Scott Hotshot w/ Ipuna

2.20.04 - NOWHERE TO RUN
at Bronco Bill's in New Port Richey

The Hellraizers w/ Coral def. The Hoard w/ Mikey Gold by DQ

"Roughhouse" Ralph Mosca def. Torcher

Jaison Moore def. Joshua Masters w/ Fetish

Kahagas def. Aaron Epic

Ryze def. Kubiak

Scott Davis def. Robbie Chance

LaDuke Jakes def. Dale Williams

Shan Hill def. Mr. E