Title Holder Defeated Location Date
Jon Moxley Roderick Strong
for vacant title
Crystal River, FL 4.17.10
Masaaki Mochizuki Davey Richards Sapporo, Japan 12.6.09
Davey Richards Awarded Title via Forefit Crystal River, FL 5.2.09
Tyler Black Go Shiozaki Crystal River, FL 12.20.08
Go Shiozaki Erick Stevens Crystal River, FL 8.23.08
Erick Stevens Roderick Strong
in a Dog Collar Match
Crystal River, FL 7.19.08
Roderick Strong Erick Stevens Crystal River, FL 2.16.08
Erick Stevens Roderick Strong New York City, NY 12.30.07
Roderick Strong Bryan Danielson Inverness, FL 11.10.06
Bryan Danielson Homicide & Roderick Strong
in a Three Way Dance
Philadelphia, PA 1.14.06
Homicide CM Punk in
16 Man Tournament Final
Tampa, FL 9.25.04

Homicide's Title Defenses
Challenger Via Location Date
BJ Whitmer Pinfall Tampa, FL 11.12.04
CM Punk in a
Falls Count Anywhere Match
Pinfall Tampa, FL 11.13.04
(who won the Florida Rumble)
Submission Lakeland, FL 12.17.04
James Gibson Pinfall Lakeland, FL 1.7.05
Rocky Romero Pinfall Sebring, FL 2.12.05
Antonio Banks
at ROH Do or Die IV
Pinfall Elizabeth, NJ 2.19.05
CM Punk in a
Anything Goes Match
Pinfall Arcadia, FL 4.23.05
Colt Cabana Pinfall Arcadia, FL 5.27.05
Azrieal Pinfall Brooksville, FL 5.28.05
Steve Madison Submission Crystal River, FL 8.5.05
Tony Mamaluke Pinfall Bushnell, FL 8.6.05
Nigel McGuinness Pinfall Arcadia, FL 9.2.05
Jimmy Rave Pinfall Bushnell, FL 9.3.05
Austin Aries No Contest Crystal River, FL 10.7.05
Rainman Pinfall Bushnell, FL 10.8.05
Jimmy Rave
(who won the Florida Rumble)
Pinfall Inverness, FL 12.9.05

Bryan Danielson's Title Defenses
Challenger Via Location Date
Matt Sydal Pinfall Clearwater, FL 2.17.06
Roderick Strong Pinfall Orlando, FL 3.17.06
Tony Mamaluke Pinfall Arcadia, FL 3.18.06
Jay Fury Pinfall Crystal River, FL 4.8.06
Jay Lethal Pinfall Crystal River, FL 5.27.06
Sal Rinauro Pinfall Inverness, FL 6.9.06
Colt Cabana Pinfall Inverness, FL 7.7.06
Davey Richards Pinfall Bushnell, FL 10.14.06
Roderick Strong Loss via DQ Inverness, FL 11.10.06

Roderick Strong's Title Defenses - First Reign
Challenger Via Location Date
Shingo Pinfall Edison, NJ 11.25.06
Steve Madison Pinfall Crystal River, FL 12.15.06
Hallowicked Pinfall Inverness, FL 12.16.06
Davey Richards Count Out Hartford, CT 12.22.06
Brent Albright Pinfall Crystal River, FL 1.13.07
Davey Richards
I Quit Match
Submission Melbourne, FL 2.2.07
Davey Richards
2 out of 3 falls
Pinfall Crystal River, FL 2.3.07
Delirious Count Out Philadelphia, PA 2.17.07
PAC (1) Pinfall Liverpool, England 3.3.07
Austin Aries Ref Stoppage Detroit, MI 3.31.07
Yamato Pinfall Inverness, FL 4.20.07
Sal Rinauro Pinfall Crystal River, FL 4.21.07
Christopher Daniels Count Out St. Paul, MN 4.27.07
Kenny King Pinfall Brooksville, FL 4.29.07
Necro Butcher Submission Inverness, FL 5.25.07
Jimmy Rave Pinfall Melbourne, FL 5.26.07
Aaron Eagle Pinfall Dallas, TX 6.1.07
Jimmy Rave
Anything Goes Match
Pinfall Melbourne, FL 6.29.07
Eddie Kingston Pinfall Crystal River, FL 6.30.07
Austin Aries, Jimmy Rave & Gran Akuma Submission Deer Park, NY 7.27.07
Tyler Black Pinfall Crystal River, FL 8.17.07
Delirious Pinfall Arcadia, FL 8.18.07
Larry Sweeney Submission Crystal River, FL 9.28.07
Claudio Castagnoli Pinfall San Francisco, CA 10.21.07
Claudio Castagnoli
2/3 Falls
Pinfall Crystal River, FL 11.9.07
Erick Stevens & Ray Beez Pinfall Port Richey, FL 11.19.07

(1) - Roderick Strong defends the FIP Heavyweight Title in Liverpool, England thus making it the FIP World Heavyweight Title.

Erick Stevens' Title Defenses
Challenger Via Location Date
Austin Aries Pinfall Boston, MA 1.11.08
Bryan Danielson Pinfall Edison, NJ 1.12.08
Ray Beez Pinfall Port Richey, FL 1.19.08
Austin Aries & Davey Richards Pinfall Dayton, OH 1.25.08

Roderick Strong's Title Defenses - Second Reign
Challenger Via Location Date
Erick Stevens & Necro Butcher
Pinfall New York City, NY 2.23.08
Austin Aries Count Out Crystal River, FL 3.22.08
Erick Stevens
Last Man Standing
10 Count Crystal River, FL 4.26.08
Go Shiozaki & Erick Stevens Pinfall Manhattan, NY 5.10.08
Austin Aries & Jerry Lynn Pinfall Crystal River, FL 5.30.08

Erick Stevens' Title Defenses - Second Reign
Challenger Via Location Date
Claudio Castagnoli DQ Cleveland, OH 8.15.08
Chris Hero Pinfall Chicago Ridge, IL 8.16.08

Go Shiozaki's Title Defenses
Challenger Via Location Date
Kevin Steen Pinfall Philadelphia, PA 9.20.08
Roderick Strong Pinfall Crystal River, FL 10.11.08
Austin Aries Pinfall Danbury, CT 10.24.08
Necro Butcher Double Countout Edison, NJ 10.25.08
Roderick Strong & Erick Stevens DQ Melbourne, FL 12.19.08

Tyler Black's Title Defenses
Challenger Via Location Date
Delirious Pinfall Brooksville, FL 2.8.09

Davey Richards' Title Defenses
Challenger Via Location Date
Kenny King Pinfall Crystal River, FL 5.2.09
Brad Attitude Submission Crystal River, FL 6.6.09
Kenny King Pinfall Crystal River, FL 8.1.09
Kenny King
Steel Cage Match
Pinfall Crystal River, FL 10.3.09

Jon Moxley's Title Defenses
Challenger Via Location Date
Phil Atlas Submission Windsor, ONT 5.7.10
Bruce Santee Pinfall Crystal River, FL 7.31.10